Houston, We Have Lift Off!

fullsizeoutput_13aLooking for a cure for the summertime blues? Want to prevent that summer slide? Look no further. I am proud to announce that Drawn To Discover is officially launched! I have the privilege to work with an amazing team whose tireless efforts bring the power of Wendy Halperin’s innovative visual literacy lessons into your home.

Drawn To Discover offers an online enrichment program that is both fun and beneficial. These creative online lessons offer an engaging way for your child to refine their motor skills, develop mastery, build important neural pathways, and learn to express themselves more creatively in both words and pictures.

With so much information constantly bombarding you and your child, we are proud to offer a proven program grounded in solid educational theory and research. A review of research from the past decade has drawn a clear connection between fine motor skill development in early life and future success in math, science and reading. Indeed, when attention, fine motor skills and general knowledge are grouped together, they are much stronger predictors for future math, reading and science achievement than early math and reading scores alone. (See Dr. Bill Jenkins, “The Science of Learning Blog”)

I hope you’ll take advantage of our free trial!

Keep Creating!


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