Fatherhood and Fostering Creativity: Brief Thoughts From a Father-To-Be

mission-creative_istock_50664418_people-imagesAs an expectant father, I have lots of hopes and dreams for what kind of father I want to be. For example, I see fatherhood as nurturing growth and development. Fatherhood is about providing guidance and direction that helps a child grow and discover on their own. As a father-to-be, I’m proud to be a part of DRAWN TO DISCOVER and helping fathers put another tool in their toolbox to help them succeed in this mission.

Wendy Halperin’s visual literacy program has demonstrated proven success with over 50,000 children. Now our team brings this phenomenal program into your home. Put another feather in your cap and try our free trial now. You can feel secure that you have not only provided entertainment for your child, but that you have helped them tap into their own creative brain and helped them develop the skills to master their world.

Feeling a bit skeptical? Feel like the dad sizing up the teenager who wants to date his daughter? Check out our research page and see for yourself. Then, sign up for our free trial and follow along with your child. Not only will it be great bonding time, I guarantee you will learn and enjoy yourself too!

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