What is Creativity? A New Podcast

BallerinaWarmup3I used to say that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I viewed creativity within a very narrow scope – I had placed it in a box as if I knew what it was (or at least what it wasn’t). At the time, I associated creativity with art or music. Having not developed these faculties within myself, I therefore decided I was not creative.

My perspective has since shifted. While I still have not developed or accessed a talent in these two areas, I do recognize my own penchant for creativity. For me, the creative outlet often involves writing or word play, but it also involves solving problems, making new connections in my thinking, finding humor or wit in everyday occurrences or conversations, and even finding ways to communicate and connect with various individuals. Indeed, my sense of humor and ability to navigate group dynamics and build relationships are areas where I’ve experienced much success. While I denied my own creative spirit in the past, I am grateful now that I can see it and honor it and, hopefully, grow it. In a sense, I hope to continue to create my own creativity.

Our salvation lies not in knowing, but in creating! – Friedrich Nietszche

A new podcast adventure with my colleagues at DRAWN TO DISCOVER will further explore this definition. And just as creating is a messy, evolving process – a confession of the creator – so too will this podcast be. And, even though my perfectionistic self will cringe throughout, this messy process will be essential to the exploration itself. For the goal of this podcast (and of DRAWN TO DISCOVER) is not some fabricated perfection but authenticity (which is the truest perfection – or, in the words of Depeche Mode, the sweetest perfection).


There are no straight lines in nature.

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