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7 Keys Aspects of Early Literacy Development: Advice for Parents of Young Children

In a recent podcast with my new company Drawn To Discover, we examined a conversation between our co-founders, Wendy Halperin and Brian Goodman, and Dr. Karin James, neuroscientist at Indiana University-Bloomington. Dr. James, director of The Cognition and Action Neuroimaging … Continue reading

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The Language of Work

What is language at its most basic level? A medium for communicating, correct? Most often we think of language as formal, spoken language like English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. But even when speaking with others, a large part of our communication … Continue reading

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Fostering Independence: A Reflection on the Efficacy of Creativity

With the American celebration of Independence Day last week, my thoughts have turned to what it truly means to be independent and how we foster that in our children. Often times when examining a concept, I like to start with … Continue reading

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